Take Possession of Abandoned Property

Take Possession of Abandoned Property

Turn to us for adverse possession assistance in San Diego, CA

In the United States, there are laws in place to help promote the use and occupation of land and property. Sometimes, landowners will abandon a property, making it legally OK for another party to take over the space. This is known as adverse possession.

McKinley LLP can help you make a claim for an abandoned space. We can work with you to make the claim and fight against the previous owner if necessary. With the right real estate litigation assistance, you can keep the space that was abandoned by another.

For adverse possession assistance in San Diego, CA, look to the legal team at McKinley LLP. Hire us today to handle your case.

What constitutes adverse possession?

Adverse possession is a unique area of law that allows anyone to take over a piece of land that has been abandoned by the previous owner. There are a few requirements, including the following:
  • You must take possession of the land publicly.
  • You must pay taxes on the land for five years.
  • You must speak to the courts about obtaining the deed.

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