Control Access to Your Property

Control Access to Your Property

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When you own land in California, you have the right to allow others on the property or keep them out. If you want to allow or restrict certain parties from entering or performing certain actions, you need to provide easements. A real estate attorney can help you handle this area of law.

Working with McKinley LLP, you can create easements that allow others to fish or hunt on your property, remove natural materials, rent a room or perform other actions. You can also inspect the deed of a property before you buy it to see who is legally allowed to pass before or after the sale.

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Positive vs. negative easements

A real estate attorney can help you establish positive or negative easements. Here is a definition of both:

Positive easements relate to access. These include allowing others to rent a space or hunt on your property.
Negative easements relate to restrictions. These include limited hours of access or people who can't visit.

Let experienced attorneys help you determine the access and restrictions on your property. Talk to us today to learn more about easements.